Friday, 28 October 2011

Exercise ~ Past Tense 4


Fill in the correct simple past forms.

The pupils of class 8B  (do) a project last week. First the pupils  (choose) what they wanted to do. Then they  (get) information from books and brochures and they  (talk) to a lot of people. They  (find) some interesting photos in the library. Their teacher  (help) them when they  (ask) her. Then they  (make) a poster and a video and  (tell) the other groups about their project.

A project about Cornwall - Fill in the correct simple past form.

arrange • bring • choose • decide • find • get • go • say • start

Last month Jenny, Nick and Ben  to do a project together. They  Cornwall. First Jenny to a travel agency and  some brochures. Nick and Ben  some interesting books in the library. Then they  work. A week later they  all their material to school and  it on a poster. ‘Your presentation is interesting’,  Miss Hunt.

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