Friday, 28 October 2011

Exercise ~ Present Perfect Progressive


Fill in the Present Perfect Progressive.

1. It  (rain) for hours.

2. Mike  (collect) stamps since 1995.

3. Bob  (play) tennis since he was seven.

4. I  (wait) for the bus for 15 minutes.

5. How long  your brother  (play) guitar?

6. How long  he  (play) golf?

7. I  (work) for this company for seventeen years.

8. How long  it  (rain)?

9. Mary  (study) German for two years.

10. My grandparents  (live) in that house since 1962.

11. My mother  (cook) for 3 hours.

12. My sister  (drive) since 1972.

13. Peter  (live) in India since last month.

14. How long  you  (work) in the garden?

15. They  (lie) in the sun for hours.

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