Friday, 28 October 2011

Exercise ~ Present Progressive


Fill in the words from the box. Use the present progressive.

play - work - sit - read - play - listen - clean - read

Debbie and her friends  in Debbie’s garden. They  football. Mrs Baker  a book. Mr Baker  in the garden. Nick  to his favourite CD. The cats  on Mrs Baker's chair. Bill  his bike. Bill: "Debbie, help me, please." But Debbie has got no time: "I  a book for school. Ask your friend."

Fill in the words from the box. Use present progressive.

play - listen - ride - read - act - work - clean

Sally and her friends  in the garden. They  for a video. Her mother  a book. Her father  in the garden. Dave  to a CD. Her brothers, Ben and Frank, their bikes. Ben‘s friend  his bike. 

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