Friday, 28 October 2011

Exercise ~ Present Simple


1. My sister  (read) a book.

2. Frank  (like) dogs.

3. My parents  (do) the shopping.

4. We sometimes  (meet) in front of the cinema.

5. Uncle George  (go) to the doctor's.

6. Our friends  (play) football in the park.

7. She  (go) to the park every Friday.

8. He  (ride) his bike every day.

9. We  (have) the best ideas.

10. Carol  (say) good bye.

11. She  (be) the best singer in our class.

12. My sister  (live) in a big house.

13. The children  (eat) hamburgers.

14. Bill  (have) got nine posters.

15. I  (be) at home.

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