Friday, 28 October 2011

Exercise ~ Present Tense Negation 2


Put the sentences into negation. Use short forms (doesn't, don't, isn't,...)

Example: I am hungry. - I am not hungry.

1. They wash the car. They  the car.

2. I get up early. I  early.

3. They walk to school. They  to school.

4. Jim eats an orange. Jim  an orange.

5. My sister listens to her new CD. My sister  to her new CD.

6. Ann cleans her shoes. Ann  her shoes.

7. Henry climbs the tree. Henry  the tree.

8. They are at the cinema. They  at the cinema.

9. We like pizza. We  pizza.

10. Gary and Peter go to the party. Gary and Peter  to the party.

11. My parents work in a restaurant. My parents  in a restaurant.

12. We like our uncle. We  our uncle.

13. She sings her favourite song. She  her favourite song.

14. Bill reads a book. Bill  a book.

15. Mary goes to the zoo. Mary  to the zoo.

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