Friday, 28 October 2011

Exercise ~ Present Tense Negation


Use short forms (isn't, don't,...).

1. We have some milk. We  any milk.

2. Mother sews Jenny’s jeans. Mother  Jenny's jeans.

3. I hate Maths lessons. I  Maths lessons.

4. The monkey likes to eat bananas. The monkey  to eat bananas.

5. My parents often watch westerns. My parents  often  westerns.

6. Children like ice cream. Some children  ice cream.

7. The monkey wants some bananas. The monkey  some bananas.

8. They are hungry. They  hungry.

9. Every Sunday we get up early. Every Sunday we  up early.

10. Sometimes Peter is very tired. Sometimes Peter  very tired.

11. I am a good pupil. I  a good pupil.

12. School always starts at seven o’clock. School  always  at seven o'clock.

13. On Friday we always have our piano lesson. On Friday we  always  our piano lesson.

14. In summer it’s sometimes very hot. In summer it  sometimes very hot.

15. Mum washes all my dirty clothes. Mum  all my dirty clothes.

16. Peter has got a brother. Peter  a brother.

17. The frog is under the caravan. The frog  under the caravan.

18. They are cool. They  cool.

19. Dad buys a new car. Dad  a new car.

20. The boys play football. The boys  football. 

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