Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Classroom Language(17)

As they are leaving
“See you next week/ tomorrow/ on Wednesday/ next term/ after the holiday/ later/ this afternoon”
“Enjoy your break”
“Merry Christmas”
“Have a good time in…” [if they have told you where they are going]
“Have a good weekend”- “You too”
“Have a good holiday.”
“Enjoy your vacation.”
“Have a nice trip”
“I didn’t notice your new shoes because you were sitting down”
“Wrap up warm, it’s cold out there!”
“Bye Jane. See you Mr Fernandez. Have a good weekend”
“Catch you later!”
“Take care”
“Have a good one”
“If anyone sees Jun before the next lesson, can you tell him what the homework is?”
“Bon voyage”

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