Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Classroom Language(3)

Tidying up/ Putting the room back in order
“Can I have all the dictionaries/ colouring pencils/ Playdoh back please?”
“Can you make sure you clear your desks/ put all your rubbish in the bin as you leave?”
“Can the last person to leave please turn off the lights and shut the door?”
“Can someone collect all the dice?”
“Can you go back to your original places/ put your chairs and desks back where they were?”
“Can you put all the chairs and tables back into their original places?”
“Can you collect the pictures/ texts off the walls? Be careful not to pull off the paint from the walls”
“Put the/ your… on my desk/ in the box as you leave”
“Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything”
“Whose book/ eraser/ ruler/ dictionary/ pencil case/ coat/ hat/ scarf is this?”/ “Has someone forgotten a…?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll clear up/ put the posters on the wall/ put it somewhere where the glue/ paint can dry”

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