Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Classroom Language(4)

Not time to stop.
“The bell hasn’t gone yet.”/ “I don’t remember hearing a bell”
“There are still two minutes to go.”
“We still have a couple of minutes left.”
“The lesson doesn’t finish till five past.”
“Your watch must be fast.”
“One more thing before you go.”
“Wait a minute/ Hang on a moment/ Just hold on a moment/ Stay where you are 
   for a moment/ Just a moment, please. / Just a sec/ Just a second/ Wait for it!”
“(Go) back to your places/ Where are you going?/ Where do you think you are going?
   / Don’t you think you are jumping the gun?”
“As we still have a couple of minutes left, we’ll…”
“You can’t go until you all…”
“Why are you packing your bags already?”
“Did anyone tell you to pack your bags?”/ “Did I say you can go?… I thought not”

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