Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Classroom Language(6)

Time to stop
“Well, only one team can win so there doesn’t seem to be much point in going on”
“That’s all for today”
“We’ve run out of time”
“Is that the bell I hear?”
“Well, you can all stay here and carry on speaking if you like…”
“It’s almost time to stop.”
“I’m afraid it’s time to finish now.”
“We’ll have to stop there.”
“There’s the bell. It’s time to stop.”
“That’s all for today. You can go now.”
“The other class are waiting to get in, so we’d better make a move”
“It’s break time/ Let’s take a break. (Please be back at 10:45)”
“That is the end of the test. Pens and pencils down please. Make sure you have written 
   your name on the front/ on every page. I’ll come round and collect the papers
   / Please hand your papers in as you leave. No speaking until all the papers are in, please”
“If no one’s won the game, the person with most cards/ the person nearest the last square is the winner”
“Sorry if everyone didn’t get a chance to play”

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