Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Classroom Language(7)

Summarizing and reviewing the class
“You’ve done really well today”
“We didn’t have time for the roleplays/ a free speaking activity/ to go through the homework, 
   so we’ll do that next week”
“Let’s go through what we’ve studied today one more time”
“Let’s tick the things on the lesson plan on the board that we did/ that you can now do”
“Do you feel more confident about the test/ using the Present Perfect Continuous now?”
“I think you’ll find what we studied today really useful when you study abroad/ use English 
   at work/ write essays, especially…”
“The aims of today’s lesson were…, so I think we achieved…”
“Well, I didn’t expect to (be talking about)… but it was very useful/ interesting, I reckon”

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