Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Classroom Language(9)

Talking about the next lesson
“We’ll do the rest of this chapter next time.”
“We’ll finish this exercise next lesson.”
“We’ve run out of time, so we’ll continue next lesson.”
“We’ll continue this chapter next Monday.”
“The next class starts at 5 o’clock”
“We’ll practice that one more time next week”
“Right, I think we have no more problems with the passive now. Next week we will move onto…”
“Today’s lesson was hard work, so we’ll do something a little easier/ a bit more fun in the next class”
“It’s been mainly grammar today, so next week we’ll do more skills work/ vocabulary/ speaking”
“I was pleasantly surprised by how easy you all found that. I’ll have to think of something more difficult for next week!”
“When is the next lesson?”
“Did I tell you (all) that the next lesson is in the main hall/ in the Self Access Centre?”
“So, remember next week is a holiday. So I’ll see you in two weeks/ the week after next”
“Oh yes, you’re right, there’s a holiday. In that case, I’ll see you the week after next”
“I’m on holiday next week, so they’ll be a cover teacher/ replacement teacher…”
“We’ll start the next lesson by../ with the next person’s presentation”
“We’re finishing this lesson a little early/ late, so the next lesson will start at 9:35″
“Please don’t be late for the second lesson”
“Please apologise to your next teacher for me making you late”
“You’d better hurry to your next lesson (but no running in the corridors)”
“We’ve finished the book! So, next lesson we’ll do some revision before the final test at the end of term”
“And that is the end of Unit 3. Next week we’ll do a little revision and start unit 4″

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