Friday, 4 November 2011

Elastick Stick Book

This is a fun book because it is so simple and so clever. The directions start by folding paper in half the long way. By doing this you can reuse paper as long as it has writing on only one side. You can also use single sheets of paper. If you use new paper, you can skip the first step and make a larger book. Your book can have more pages but it will be harder to punch through all the layers at once. Although the book is simple, punching the holes and manipulating the elastic can be awkward. I don't make it with groups but it's perfect with a few children.
You Need:
* 2 sheets paper (it can have writing on one side)
* 1 elastic band (I use ones from vegetables and newspaper delivery)
* 1 stick about the height of the folded paper after step 1
* Hole punch
Making the Book:
1. Fold each paper in half the long way so that is long and skinny like a hot dog. If it has writing on it, the writing should be on the inside.
2. Fold each paper in half the other way.
3. Tuck one folded piece inside the other.
4. Punch two holes through all the layers about 1/4" in from the folded edge of the papers.
5. Wrap the elastic around the top of the stick and put the end into and through the top hole.
6. Turn the book over, At the back of the book, pull the end of the elastic down and put it through the bottom hole. Insert the other end of the stick into the loop.

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