Friday, 4 November 2011

Lesson Plan ~ KSSR BI Year 2 ~ Day3


  Subject :                            Bahasa Inggeris

  Class :                                2 M

  Focus :                           Writing (30 minutes)

Theme :
World Of Knowledge

Topic :
Food In The Canteen

Learning Standards: 

Lesson Objectives  : 
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
(i)                 write in neat legible print with correct spelling in simple sentences.

Activities : 
  1. Revise the lesson learned.
  2. Pupils play a missing letters game.
  3. Teacher guides the pupils to do the Flip Flap Book  with coloured papers.
  4. Get a few pupils to show and read their Flip Flap
Book aloud in front of class.
  1. Pupils fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences (worksheet).

Cross Curricular Element (EMK) : 
Creativity and Innovation

Teaching Aids : 
Coloured papers, pictures, scissors, gum, worksheet.

Assessment : 

Reflection : 
30/33 of pupils were able to achieve the lesson objective.  Three pupils are slow learners and they are being coached constantly.

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