Friday, 4 November 2011

Lesson Plan ~ KSSR BI Year 2 ~ Day1


  Subject :                              Bahasa Inggeris

  Class :                                  2 M

Focus : 
Listening & Speaking (30 minutes)

Theme :
World of Knowledge

Topic :
Food in the canteen

Learning Standards : 
1.1.4, 1.3.1(a)

Lesson Objectives : 
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
(i)                 Name eight types of food in the canteen.
Activities : 
1.  Teacher shows a slide of canteen situation and guides  pupils to 
     talk about it.
2.  Teacher shows a picture of different kind of food sold in the
     canteen using slide.
3.  Teacher asks a few questions. Pupils answer the questions.
     a. Have you seen all these food before?
     b. Can you name the food in the picture?
     c. What type of food do you like or dislike? 
4.  Teacher shows the pictures of different  type of food and the
     name of the food using slide. Pupils say the name of the food.
5.  Play a musical box game. The pupils pass the box and  pick a card
     when music stop and say out the  name of the food.

Cross Curricular Element (EMK) : 
Contextual Learning – daily lives
Values – do not waste the food

Teaching Aids : 
slide, musical box, picture cards

Assessment : 

Reflection : 
30/33 of pupils were able to achieve the lesson objective.  Three pupils are slow learners and they are being coached constantly.

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