Friday, 4 November 2011

Step book

The step book can be held vertically or horizontally. Each step page flips up to reveal a section underneath which gets larger as you move down the pages. It's especially good for counting books. The directions are written for three pieces of paper which will give you six steps. You can use any number from two on.
You Need:
* 3 (or more) pieces of paper, letter size or A3 paper works well or pieces cut from a brown grocery bag
* 2 pieces of yarn, 12"/30.5 cm long
* Hole punch
* Beads are optional
Making the Book:
1. Take the three pieces of paper and hold them so that each piece of paper is about 1.5 inches lower than the one before. You have made the first three of six steps. 
2. Holding the papers together, turn them over so that the steps are towards you and on the bottom. Fold the bottom over so that you now have six steps. Check to see if the steps are even. If not, adjust them and then crease.
3. Holding the papers together, open them part way along the fold. For young children, I often clip the paper with clothespins. Push the hole punch in as far as it will go along the fold from one side, and punch a hole. Do the same thing on the other side.
4. On each side, thread a piece of yarn through the hole, pull it to make the ends even, and tie a double knot against the edge of the paper. Tie beads on the ends of the yarn if you wish.

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